Welcome! VBS ~ July 22-26th, 2018



Stewardship Quote:  Mark 3:35 – Whoever does the will of God, he is my brother 
and sister and mother.” Doing the will of God starts with trusting in His Son Jesus
Christ. Once we have faith in Him and have been reborn as new creatures through
Holy Baptism, we strive to grow in this faith and in a life that agrees with our faith.
Growing in generosity, in kindness, and in love across our callings in the home, in
church, and in society is growing into the family of God: for all who do His will are
his brothers, and sisters, and mothers.





Are you in the KAGR listening area, but don’t have a radio?
Not to worry, there should be an FM radio app on your smart phone!
Just plug in some headphones of any kind that will act as an antenna,
tune in 92.1 and wa-la! You’ve got us!

Worship Services


Sunday @ 10:00 am
Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Sunday School


No Children’s Sunday School during the summer. 
Adult Bible Study @ 11:15 am 

This Week at Trinity

June 18th – June 24th, 2018





• 10:30 am –  Women’s Bible Study @ Prairie Pines Retirement Center



• 10:00 am – Bible Study @ Sunshine Village

• 7:30 – Church Council Meeting



• 10:15 am – DVD @ Rest Home

• 12:00 pm – Men’s Bible Study @ Subway Restaurant

• 5:00 pm – Trinity Times Newsletter Deadline

• 7:00 pm – Thursday Worship Service/Communion



• 6:30 am – Men’s Bible Study @ Subway Restaurant

•  9:15 am –  Rest Home Bible Study/Communion

•  11:15 am – Bible Study/Communion @ Prairie Pines Retirement





• 9:00 am –

• 10:00 am – Worship Service

• 11:15 am – Adult Bible Class










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