Sunday School

@ Home

Families and Children

We wish to offer a few different opportunities for you and your family to study God's Word together.

    • Below are a couple of Sunday School lesson options. You can choose to lead your own and/or watch and discuss a weekly video.
    • Available for pick-up inside the church office doors are S.S. at home craft bags. Each paper bag has 2-3 crafts for your child to do. Each craft relates to 1 or more passages in the Bible.

Would you record a video of yourself?

Something new Trinity is trying to do is, to fill our Facebook page and YouTube channel with families and individuals of Trinity reading/saying a Bible passage. By clicking on this link,…/1WHRdYH3MeQCnEHPSbzDHUlVzR5…/edit… you can comment on the Psalm you would like to read and videotape.

Completed videos can be emailed to DCE Cassie Boeka @ OR . If you have troubles emailing your video let Cassie know and we can set up something else if needed. If you want to do this but don’t feel confident in recording yourself on a phone or other device please let DCE Cassie know and we can set up a time to meet and do this (if in Arapahoe area).


DCE Cassie Boeka


We are working to publish videos and audio files of adult studies. In addition to these studies please feel free to click on the links and use the additional resources also posted below.