Philosophy of Trinity

“Living in the World focused on Christ”

Trinity Lutheran Church is God’s Family of many different people. We know God as our Father. We know Jesus Christ as our Brother who has redeemed us with the sacrifice of His life in payment for the sins of all people. Being in God’s Family is what God has done for us. He freely gives us identity, value, purpose, forgiving love, the desire to serve Him, and an eternal home with Him.

As the Trinity Family of God we believe that God the Holy Spirit gives and sustains our faith in God by the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Thus, our congregation’s priorities are:

~ To preach and teach God’s Word to all ages of people

~ To reach out with sincere interest and Christ-centered witness to those who do not have a church home.

~ To lovingly and carefully administer Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

~ To enjoy and build upon the Christian unity God gives to those in His congregational family.

~ To grow in a life-style of enjoyable and committed service to God with treasures, talent and time.

~ To reach in with care and integrity to those in the congregational family who have become withdrawn from the fellowship.

Our Trinity family is a large congregation in a small town surrounded by a beautiful rural area. Our family size is unique. We offer many opportunities for ministry and are concerned about ministering more personally. We are committed to Christian education in the doctrines of God’s Word. We provide a Sunday School for adults and children, Midweek School for intense training of children, and a variety of youth and adult Bible studies. We enjoy praying for and supporting world-wide missions. We have enjoyed designating a substantial portion of our congregational budget for ministry beyond our local setting.

Because Trinity Lutheran Church is a part of a larger family of churches which walks together in faith and mission work, The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, we have an image of being Biblically conservative. And we are. We are committed to making a clear confession of our faith and practice based upon the Bible. As a Family of God we labor to do this with care. We care about being a friendly congregation and offering the sound teachings of God’s Word.