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Phone: 308-962-7667

Pastor James Moshier


Cassie Boeka

Director of Christian Education


Kathy Cobb

Office Secretary


For emergency Pastoral care please contact Pastor:

Pastor James Moshier

• Church (308)962-7667

• Home (308)962-5601

• Cell (308)655-0004

The Trinity Lutheran Church Family of God has a called Pastor to serve as under shepherd of Christ the Good Shepherd. He stands ready to serve you as God directs him through His Word.

Your Pastor is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for emergency pastoral care.



~ feeling forsaken by God and without faith.

~ death in your family.

~ serious illness, physical or mental in your family.

~ personal emergencies: severe depression, suicidal thoughts, emotional or physical abuse, family crisis of any kind.

~ in the event of a serious accident or calamity.

Please also contact your pastor for spiritual care and instruction when:

~ you or a member of your family is hospitalized. (Hospitals do not contact pastors for you.)

~ you are blessed with a new baby

~ you want to arrange a baptism

~ you want to plan a wedding (please –four months in advance for good planning and adequate pre-marital counseling.)

~ you have a person or family you want help in witnessing to.

~ you have spiritual questions or concerns.

~ you need to make private confession for troublesome guilt.

~ when you need counseling for spiritual and/or emotional difficulties (Pastor may counsel you or assist you with an appropriate referral).

~ you have marital or family problems (please do this early, as problems can become a time for growth with greater ease) AGAIN, depending on the nature of your need, the pastor may counsel you or appropriately refer you to a qualified counselor.

~ you wish the pastor to join you for a family event

~ you have conflict with another congregational member, that you have been unable to reconcile according to Matthew 18:15.

~ you have conflict or complaint with the pastor.

~ you have concerns about the congregation’s practices.

~ you or others you know have needs for adequate food, clothing or shelter.

REMEMBER, your Pastor will serve you according to God’s Word and glad to do so.