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Trinity Family,

Due to COVID-19 directed health measures and regulations we will be unable to worship in-person for the foreseeable future (current guidelines restrict gatherings of 10+ people until May 11th, 2020.) While we are restricted to in-person gatherings, we are still able to provide worship and study material through our radio station (KAGR 92.1 FM), our livestream on our church Facebook page, our YouTube channel (Trinity Lutheran Church, Arapahoe, NE), email, and material drop-off. Bulletins are still available under the 'Media' tab of this site. A link for Sunday School @ Home materials can also be located under the 'Media' tab.

Please know, that Pastor, the Elders, and Staff of Trinity continue to pray for you all during this time of uncertainty! 4/4/2020

Stewardship Quote: Luke 4:8 ~ “And Jesus answered him, ‘It is written…’ ”

Isn’t it interesting that Jesus does not defeat Satan with His power as God but rather by His perfect obedience in His perfect humanity? Jesus defeats Satan not by miracles but by quoting the Scriptures and living according to it. This should cause us great joy for two reasons. First, because we see Jesus win the victory for us. Second, because here Jesus shows us how to stand in that victory – on the Word of God alone. Let us build our lives on the sure rock of this Word!

Worship Services

Sunday @ 10:00 am

Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School @ 11:15 am

Adult Bible Study @ 11:15 am

Contact Us

1005 9th Street

Arapahoe , NE 68922

Phone: 308-962-7667


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Please consider donating to Trinity to help continue our ministry.

Please consider donating to Trinity to help continue our ministry.

Are you in the KAGR listening area, but don’t have a radio?

Not to worry, there should be an FM radio app on your smart phone! Just plug in some headphones of any kind that will act as an antenna, tune in 92.1 and wa-la! You’ve got us!